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Brief: study on the key legal issues affecting the subject of on-reserve matrimonial real property upon the breakdown of a marriage or common law relationship and the policy context in which they are situated

Reports on the difficulties faced by First Nations women in regard to matrimonial property on Indian Reserves.

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Published: 2003
The division of real matrimonial property on reserve lands

Looks at the legal aspects, socio-political context and the factual elements that have either a direct or indirect impact on the division of matrimonial real property on reserve lands.

Published: 2004
A poison stronger than love: the destruction of an Ojibwa community
Documents the human costs of massive and extraordinarily rapid change in a people's way of life. When well-intentioned bureaucrats relocated the Grassy Narrrows band to a new reserve in 1963, the results were the unravelling of the tribes social fabric and the sharp deterioration of their personal morale, reflected in the statistics provided on violent death, illness, and family breakdown. The book provides an in-depth and comprehensive study of the forces and pressures that can rend a community.
Published: 1985