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Evaluation of the birthing project in Rankin Inlet, N.W.T.
Evaluates a midwifery operated birthing centre in the Northwest Territories.
Published: 1996
Special report on traditional midwifery
Looks at traditional Inuit midwifery techniques, education as a midwife, childbirth and the family, Inuit men and childbirth, traditional health promotion tools, and the displacement of Inuit midwives.
Published: 1995
A book for midwives: care for pregnancy, birth, and women's health
Provides information for traditional midwives, traditional birth attendants, auxiliary midwives, professional midwives, nurse-midwives and community health workers to improve their skills, in clear language. (See Details)
Published: 2005
Genital mutilation of african women

This article examines female circumcision; questions why this custom persists and how the west became involved. 


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Published: 1983
Midwifery in transition

This article discusses the regulation of midwifery and white privilege. Explores how white midwifery can work to create an  inclusive practice in order to provide appropriate care for a diversity of women. 


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Published: 1993
Midwives and healers : the newfoundland experience

This article is the product of knitting together the collective knowledge of women in outport Newfoundland to gain a deeper understanding of the history of women healers. Highlights the special role of the midwife. 



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Published: 1983