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The over-prescription of benzodiazepines

Briefly describes the key gaps in knowledge, research, and programs that must be addressed in order to protect the health of Canadian women and men from the negative effects of long-term benzodiazepine use.

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Published: 2003
Best practices: treatment and rehabilitation for seniors with substance use problems

Identifies best practices related treatment and rehabilitation for seniors with substance use problems, and specialized substance abuse treatment programs for seniors in Canada.

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Published: 2002
Girls, women and substance use

Summarizes the ways in which substance use and addiction differ for girls and women, and the implications of those differences for policy, research, systems and services.

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Published: 2005
Women and benzodiazepine use and dependency
Looks at benzodiazepine use and dependency, as well as barriers women may face when getting off these medications. Provides a listing of withdrawal symptoms. (See Details)
Published: 2002
Making connections: a booklet about women and prescription drugs and alcohol
Deals with women's use of alcohol and mood-altering prescription pills, and to some extent mood-altering over-the-counter drugs and tobacco. Examines the connections between prescription drugs, alcohol, and stress in women's lives and explains why women use prescription drugs and alcohol differently than men. Provides help to women who use prescription drugs and alcohol to avoid problems, and find support if they need it.
Published: 1995
Drug wise: a book about safe drug use for older women who are caregivers
Provides information and suggestions for identifying and dealing with drug problems in older people as well as preventing alcohol and drug problems in caregivers. Examines the effects of and problems associated with: mood-altering prescription drugs (tranquilizers, sleeping pills, and anti-depressants); alcohol; physical health prescription drugs; and over-the-counter durgs. Details the reasons for drug and alcohol abuse in older women, including depression. Discusses the problems with short-term drug use and long-term drug use, such as drug interactions, tolerance, and withdrawal. Provides information specifically for caregivers on how to survive caregiving and how to get help.
Published: 1992
Drug wise: a book for older women about safe drug use
Provides information on safe drug use for women over the age of 55. Explains how alcohol and drugs have a greater effect on older women, how older women are given the most prescriptions for drugs and often take several different kinds of drugs. Discusses mood-altering prescription drugs (tranquilizers, sleeping pills, and anti-depressants); alcohol; physical health drugs (drugs your doctor prescribes for medical problems); and over-the-counter drugs. Examines the problems caused by short-term use of drugs as well as those caused by long-term drug use. Includes suggestions on how to interact with your doctor, your rights as a patient, and how to work with your pharmacist.
Published: 1992