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Female genital mutilation and health care: current situation and legal status. Recommendations to improve the health care of af

Describes the current status of this cultural practice that occurs around the world, its legal status in Canada as well as in most Western countries, and provides recommendations to improve the health care of affected women.

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Published: 2000
A framework for women-centred health

Presents 12 elements for meeting women's needs in the planning and implementation of policies, procedures and initiatives across the spectrum of health services.

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Published: 2001
Girls, women, substance use and addiction

Argues that current trends in women’s substance use demand a concerted, women-centred response.

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Published: 2005
Transforming health systems: gender and rights in reproductive health

Represents a training manual for health managers. Outlines how to facilitate a course that promotes the understanding of gender and rights in reproductive health. Course offers both conceptual and technical skills and tools for pactitioners to integrate the promotion of rights and gender equality into their policies, planning and programmes.

Published: 2001
Women and addiction: gender issues in abuse and treatment

Describes addiction disorders among women, including research and clinical experiences demonstrating the differences in addiction between men and women.

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Mainstreaming gender in the response to AIDS in Southern Africa: a guide for the integration of gender issues into the work of AIDS Service Organisations

Designed to assist AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs) in responding to AIDS in Southern Africa to make their programs more responsive to gender issues. (See Details)

Published: 2001
Advancing primary care: models of women-centred care in Canada

Prepared for the National Primary Health Care Conference, May 18, 2004, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Examines models of women-centred care that can be integrated into health care restructuring to improve the health of women.

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Published: 2004
A study of the service needs of pregnant addicted women in Manitoba

Describes service needs of pregnant women who are substance users. Suggests a gender-sensitive model for treatment and extending treatment to women who present while intoxicated.

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Published: 2000
Here's to you sister: creating a womens' addiction service: Amethysts's story
Tells the story of Amethyst, a women's addiction treatment centre, using the words of the women involved: clients, staff, board members, and volunteers. Provides the philosophical background to Amethyst's work, and describes in some detail the programs and services which the organization offers.
Women-centred care: working collaboratively to develop gender inclusive health policy
Summarizes the points taken from the BC Women's Report and the Provincial Health Officer's report which show specific inequalities and the consequences of these inequalities to women's health.
Published: 1998