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Building inclusive communities tip tool: how to ensure that your organization includes everyone...

Provides organizations and community groups with information about disability-related access and cultural accommodations to assist with the development of programs, strategies, outreach initiatives and the delivery of events that are welcoming and inclusive of ethnoracial people with disabilities.

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Published: 2003
DAWN Ontario access checklist
Provides guidelines in the form of a checklist for how to plan an event so that it is accessible to women of all levels of ability. (See Details)
Published: 1993
Access to breast cancer screening programs for women with disabilities
Evaluates the accessibility of the Québec based program, the Programme québecois de dépistage du cancer du sein (PQDCS) in Montréal for women with diverse disabilities, based on seven criteria of Universal Accessibility, which includes: equitable use; flexibility in use; simple and intuitive; use perceptible information; tolerance for error; low physical effort; and, size and space for approach and use. Presents experiences of the environmental barriers and/or facilitators at the centres studied in hope that this aids women with disabilities to choose centres which best suit their needs. (See Details)
Published: 2003
Meeting the challenge: making BC Women's fully accessible to people with disabilities
Provides a series of recommendations that examine accessibility issues in health care facilities, as well as programming opportunities for women with disabilities.
Published: 1996
Equality means access
Provides tips and suggestions for organizations and individuals on how to plan public events that take into consideration the needs of women with disabilities. (See Details)
Published: 2004
Planning for accessible meetings & general guidelines when serving persons with disabilities
Outlines guidelines to follow when planning meetings for disabled persons. Includes general accessibility considerations, how to choose an appropriate location, issues of interior access, issues of exterior access, dietary issues, and attendant care. Also discusses the various formats available to assist communication between meeting members such as braille translators etc. (See Details)
Published: 2002
The last sisters: health issues of women with disabilities
Discusses particular concerns for women with disabilities, including abuse, mental health, disability policy, access, gender inequity, service barriers, invalidation of sexuality and reproductive health, medical negligence, depression and suicide. (See Details)
Published: 2002
Profiles: midwifery coalition of Nova Scotia

This article highlights initiatives by the Midwifery Coalition of Nova Scotia to legalize Midwifery. Discusses a proposed pilot project to compare the success rate and cost of hospital based midwife supervised births to medically controlled deliveries. 


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Published: 1992
No growing pains

This article demonstrates how proper movement and handy tools can make gardening easier for people with different abilities. Tips on how to garden, what to grow, how to avoid injury. 


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Published: 1987
Mid-life adventure : a wilderness survival experience

This article shares a menopausal woman's experience of defying stereotypes, pushing past her assumed limitations and finding her strength. Introduces the wilderness program Outward Bound. 

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Published: 1989