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Female genital health and the risk of HIV transmission
Deals with the genital conditions that facilitate the transmission of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in women. Examines the barriers of the prevention and treatment encountered by women in developing countries. (See Details)
Published: 1997
Independent health facilities: clinical practice parameters & facility standards: gynaecological procedures
Provides a framework for assessing and treating gyneacological conditions. Designed to assist physicians in developing their own quality management program and act as a guide for assessing the quality of patient care provided in the facilities.
Published: 1995
POWER study: reproductive & gynaecological health

Provides critical information on patterns of disparities in care for women in Ontario that can be used to target improvement interventions. Care provided for reproductive and gynaecological health issues is deeply imbedded in social and cultural norms and may vary over time, socioeconomic status, across cultures and regionally. Because of the central role that pregnancy and childbirth plays in the lives of many women a substantial proportion of this chapter deals with indicators related to prenatal care, the processes and consequences of childbirth and postpartum care and outcomes. The remaining sections of the chapter report on abortion, hysterectomy for benign conditions and sexually transmitted infection rates.

The POWER Study is producing a Women's Health Report to serve as an evidence-based tool for policy makers, providers, and consumers in their efforts to improve health and reduce health inequities among Ontario women.

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Published: 2011