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Challenging heterosexism: towards non-heterosexist policy and regulation in health and social security agencies

Summarizes research findings. Examines heterosexism and its impact on lesbians in rural Newfoundland.

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Published: 2000
Discussion paper: Aboriginal women and section 67 of the Canadian Human Rights Act

Examines how section 67 of the Canadian Human Rights Act fails Aboriginal women.

Brief regarding the consultation assemblies concerning the First Nations Governance Act (Bill C-7) by the House of Commons Stand

Details the negative impacts of Bill C-7 for Aboriginal women.

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Published: 2003
Sex, work, rights: reforming Canadian criminal laws on prostitution: fact sheets

Presents a series of 10 info sheets examining the need for reform to Canada’s prostitution laws to protect and promote the health and human rights of sex workers.

Published: 2005
Stigma and discrimination around mental disorders and addictions

Looks at how discrimination can negatively impact on recovery for people dealing with mental health issues or substance abuse.

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Published: 2003
Young women's guide: challenge the assumptions!

Provides a practical tool to help educators begin to make a gender, race and class analysis central to the existing curriculum, pedagogy and the learning environment. Content is designed on a cross-disciplinary basis in order to be relevant and applicable in a variety of subject areas - social sciences, family studies, science, language arts and women's studies. The collection of young women's voices reflects how assumptions held by the dominant culture restrict young women's lives: assumptions about race, woman's place, sexuality, relationships, physical ability, equality and others. (See Details)

Published: 1998
Canada's creeping economic apartheid

Documents how racism shapes the way Canada's non-white population lives and works in Canada. Demonstrates how racism is impacting multiple communities of racialised groups. Concludes with recommendations for the development of a National Urban Strategy that will target urban poverty with racialised community issues as a core part. (See Details)

Published: 2001
Fighting stigma and discrimination is fighting for mental health
Reviews the origins of stigma and discrimination and the main cansequences for people with mental illness, and those around them. (See Details)
Published: 2005
Filipino nurses in Canada
Discusses Filipino nurses who are being recruited into Canada to work under the Live-In Caregiver Program (LCP), not as nurses, but as nannies and 24-hour home support workers. (See Details)
Published: 2001
Women with disabilities & parenting
Discusses issues that women who have disabilities and are or want to be parents have including: societal attitudes, pregnancy counseling, pregnancy and birth support services, pregnancy and birth information, and difficulty accessing transportation. (See Details)