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Gendered bodies, health practices and perception of risk: a conceptual review of social science and humanities literature
Provides bibliographical references on the topic of bodies and gender in social science and humanities literature. The resources touch on topics such as cultural interpretations of the body, medicine and health, violence, race, sexuality, reproductive health, and the mind/body connection. File requires EndNote software. (See Details)
Published: 2000
Third Asia and Pacific conference on the social sciences and medicine
Proceedings, in two volumes, of the Third Asia and Pacific Conference on the Social Sciences and Medicine, which is part of a series of global and regional conferences held under the auspices of the Social Science and Medicine Journal. The papers from this conference represent a range of topics. The subjects covered in Volume One are: Plenary Papers, the Construction of Health Knowledge, Health Policy, Regional Health Studies,Environmental Health, Reproductive Health, and Gender and Health. The subjects covered in Volume Two include: Child and Family Health, Aging and Health, Occupational Health, Mental Health, Drug Use, Health of Indigenous People, Parasitic and Infectious Disease, and Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
Published: 1997