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North American Indian, Métis and Inuit women speak about culture, education and work

Examines the barriers created by policies which do not support Aboriginal women to maintain full cultural lives while pursuing contemporary education and work.

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Published: 2002
Aboriginal children: the healing power of cultural identity
Predicts the positive results of fostering a sense of cultural identity. Lists ways in which parents, caregivers, and health practitioners can provide related support to Aboriginal children. (See Details)
Published: 2006
Taking risks: incorporating gender and culture into the classification and assessment of federally sentenced women in Canada
Analyses the underlying assumptions and current practice of classification and assessment in federal women's prisons, and the implications for gender and diversity. (See Details)
Published: 2001
Gender and cultural change: overview report
Examines understandings of culture in gender and development studies. Also discusses efforts and projects that respond to problematic representations of north-south differences and power dynamics. Includes recommendations based on the experiences described in the report. (See Details)
Published: 2002
A recognition of being: reconstructing native womanhood
Describes how Native women are reclaiming their cultural traditions and creating positive and powerful images of themselves true to their heritage.
Published: 2000
Working with Inuit: selected resources to help you learn about Inuit culture and way of life

A guide to help medical professionals, health and wellness workers, teachers, students and others find resources to better understand Inuit culture, health perspectives and the way we live. It provides links to various websites, books, in-depth reports, periodicals and videos about Inuit history, culture, values, traditional healing, and current health and wellness.

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Published: March 2010
Ways of seeing illness

This article is the second of a four part series on alternatives to allopathy; discusses influences on culture, and how we define and go about achieving health and healing.

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Published: 1981
The cultural basis of well-being

This article illustrates the influence of culture aan essential ingredient of nurses’ training.  Validates traditional knowledge.  Highlights the authors experience in creating the curriculum for The Saskatchewan Indian Community College. 

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Published: 1986
Nurturing mothers

This article discusses the culture of childbearing. Explores how medicalization has becomes the ritual of birth in North America. Explores how women are reclaiming their bodies in birth. 


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Published: 1983