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Policy options to support dependent care: the tax/transfer system

Examines measures available through Canada’s tax and transfer system to support caregiving work.

The Healthy Balance Research program worked to: examine the relationship among unpaid caregiving work (performed on its own or in combination with paid work), empowerment and health status; foster "uptake" of new ideas and practices in policies; promote innovation in programs and health-service delivery that reflects new insights into the values and expectations brought to caregiving and paid work; and, strengthen research capacity in Atlantic Canada by recruiting and retaining health researchers. It was a collaboration between the Atlantic Centre of Excellence for Women's Health (ACEWH), Dalhousie University and the Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women (NSACSW).

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Published: 2004
Mothers as earners, mothers as carers: responsibility for children, social policy and the tax system

Examines and recommends how taxation can be used as an instrument of social policy to further women's equality, reduce their economic vulnerability and support mothers as earners and carers.

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Published: 2001
The impact of relationship recognition on lesbian women in Canada: still separate and only somewhat "equivalent"

Evaluates how the fact of relationship recognition affects lesbian and gay couples in terms of their legal, economic and social status.

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Published: 2001
Women, tax and social programs: the gendered impact of funding social programs through the tax system

Examines the impact on women of funding social programs through the tax system.

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Published: 2000
Double jeopardy: motherwork and the law
Shows how the law fails to take into consideration the many different circumstances under which women mother and the work they do. Argues that law and social policy can serve mothers better by reflecting these realities and guaranteeing their right to social and economic security.
Published: 2001
The Children’s Fitness Tax Credit: Less than meets the eye
Discusses how the Children's Fitness Tax Credit may unfairly advantage some Canadian families and leave others behind. As well, how the design of the tax credit does not take into account differences in participation in physical activity by gender. (See Details)
Published: Spring/Summer 2007