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Fall prevention for older women: lifestyle, medical, and environmental strategies

Examines the effects of falling, reviews relevant risk factors, and discusses methods of assessing fall risk and preventing future falls.

Published: 2004
The ABC's of fracture prevention: a toolkit for family physicians
Describes evidence-based practice guidelines developed to assess the possibility of osteoporosis after a low-trauma fracture in women over the age of 40. (See Details)
Published: 2006
A provincial strategy for bone health and fracture prevention: recommendations of the Bone Health and Fracture Prevention Steeri
Articulates a stratedy for integrating bone health and fracture prevention research with community action and public policy. It highlights programs that address building optimal bone mass during childhood and adolescent years, preserving bone health during adulthood, and minimising the risk of falls and fractures in seniors. The document begins with an overview of research on bone health, osteoporosis and fracture prevention, then discusses the health promotion approach, and concludes with recommendations that give directions for long-term, comprehensive and focussed planning for bone health in the hopes of reducing the burden of osteoporosis and fractures on our health care system. (See Details)
Published: 2001
Planning for bone health and fracture prevention: a workbook for regional health boards
Provides a companion document to "A Provincial Strategy for Bone Health and Fracture Prevention: Recommendations of the Bone Health and Fracture Prevention Steering Committee" (January 2001). Presents a workbook designed to help guide regions and communities through the process of mapping their own bone health initiatives. (See Details)
Published: 2001
Development of a model for integrated post-fracture care in Ontario: submitted to the Ontario Women's Health Council
Presents an extension of previous work reported by Ontario Women's Health Council in their report "A framework and strategy for the prevention and management of osteoporosis (2000)". Offers recommendations for an evidence-based best-practice model for integrated post-fracture care in Ontario. osteoporosis. Provides information on: peer-reviewed literature pertaining to post-fracture care; scope of post-fracture care in Ontario; current models of care in Ontario viz. human and organizational factors influencing care patients receive; and, best-practice initiatives in post-fracture. Offers recommendations, based on literature review and qualitative and quantitative research, for a best-practice model for integrated post-fracture care in Ontario, reflecting complexity of situations with acute management and the role of in-hospital services, and issues of follow-up with primary care health professionals and community-based organizations and services. Aims of the model are: to increase appropriate investigation and treatment of osteoporosis in people who have experienced a fragility fracture; and, to prevent future fractures in such cases.
Published: 2003
Élaboration d'un modèle de soins post-fracture intégrés en Ontario : sommaire exécutif
Traduction du Sommaire exécutif du compte rendu en anglais intitulé « Development of a model for integrated post-fracture care in Ontario ». Trace la raison et la structure du rapport complète qui formule des recommandations pour un modèle de meilleure pratique basé sur des preuves pour des soins post-fracture intégrés en Ontario. Discute de façon concise des exigences minimales pour un tel modèle fondé sur les ressources locales sous 4 rubriques: services des urgences; clinique de fracture; médecine familiale; et, programmes communautaires. Décrit la mise en oeuvre pour ce modèle, traitant les hypothèses de mise en oeuvre et les facteurs majeurs, c'est à dire, l'éducation, la sensiblisation, la recherche, et l'évaluation.
Published: 2003
Preventing fractures by preventing falls in older women
Examines the relationship between an exercise program and the reduction of falls related injuries in women diagnosed with osteoporosis. Also discusses the direct and indirect benefits of exercise programs for older women. (See Details)
Published: 2002