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PEI well-women's clinics: a case study of gender specific clinics to increase screening rates

Provides a summary of research that examined gender-specific clinics as models for intervention.

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Published: 2001
PEI well women's clinics: a case study of gender specific clinics to increasing screening rates

Assesses current barriers to cervical screening; identifies and discusses policy and program implications to increase screening rates focussing on the Clinics as a successful strategy.

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Published: 2001
What is woman-centered comprehensive abortion care?
Describes woman-centred comprehensive abortion care as a model of care that includes a range of medical and related health services to support women. (See Details)
Standing still and taking stock: the well being interview

This article discusses the possibility of seeing our health on a continuum rather than about health and sickness; Introduces the Well Being Interview (WBI) as a preventative health oriented tool, discusses the benefits and limitations of this tool for women.

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Published: 1980