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Abortion in law, history & religion

Places the issue of abortion in an historical and international context by examining its evolving legal status around the world and focusing on individual countries' laws and practices.

Published: 1995
10 Ways to Effectively Address Unsafe Abortion
Discusses ten areas in which health professionals, policymakers, and international agencies can work to reduce unsafe abortion around the world. (See Details)
Published: 1996
Abortion & common sense
Offers a fact-based, common sense account of how and why women have abortions, and what can be done to make them safe.
Published: 2002
Understanding medical abortion: policy, politics and women's health
Examines the history and current controversy surrounding mifepristone and methotrexate, the medical abortion pills. (See Details)
Published: 2002
Early abortion services in the United States: ensuring service availability, remaining on the cutting edge of technology and res
Presents the findings of a descriptive study of sites providing abortion services.
Published: 2001
Abortion law, policy and practice in transition
Looks at the progress being made to reform abortion law, policy and practice globally to benefit women's health and lives, with the aim of making all abortions legal and safe by 2015.
Published: 2004
4000 years for choice

This resource is a website which celebrates the reproductive roots of contraception and abortion.  4000 Years for Choice develops visual narratives about the practices of contraception and abortion from around the world for the past 4000 years. The project hopes to celebrate, inspire, and empower women and men in their reproductive lives!

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Published: 2010
Preventing gender-biased sex selection: an interagency statement OHCHR, UNFPA, UNICEF, UN Women and WHO

Reaffirms the commitment of United Nations agencies to encourage and support efforts by States, international and national organizations, civil society and communities to uphold the rights of girls and women and to address the multiple manifestations of gender discrimination including the problem of imbalanced sex ratios caused by sex selection. Highlights the public health and human rights dimensions and implications of the problem of gender-biased sex selection, and provides recommendations on how to prevent it.

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Published: 2011
Focus on abortion services in Quebec

A research report that examines the quality of abortion services offered in Quebec. Finds that, while Quebec offers better access to abortion services than does any other province in Canada, Quebec women still face many obstacles when they choose to terminate a pregnancy.

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Published: 2010
The right to an abortion for girls and women raped in armed conflict

Discusses the illegal denial of abortions to rape victims in conflict settings, and highlights how US abortion restrictions imposed on all humanitarian aid play a prominent role in this denial. The Global Justice Center (GJC) challenged these restrictions in a shadow report filed with the UN Human Rights Council for the Universal Periodic Review of the United States in November 2010. The brief concludes with a set of recommendations to States, the United Nations, the United States and civil society on what immediate steps they can take to enforce the legal rights to abortions of these victims.

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Published: 2010