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Parallel private health insurance in Australia: a cautionary tale and lessons for Canada

Examines Australia's experience with parallel finance for inpatient hospital services to provide insight regarding the effectiveness of a parallel system of private finance in reducing costs and wait times in the public system.

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Published: 2002
Pharmacare in Canada: issues and opinions
Reviews the weaknesses of private insurance as a response to escalating drug costs, and outlines the case for extending the universal publicly funded health insurance (as defined by the Canada Health Act) to cover prescription drugs. Discusses various options for containing the cost to the public sector, including patient cost sharing, formularies and generic substitution rules, and argues that there is a stronger case in favour of demand-side cost sharing for drugs than for physician services and hospital care. Describes existing provincial/territorial pharmamcare plans and compares them with the pharmacare system proposed by the National Forum on Health (NFH). Suggests that some degree of patient cost sharing would be desirable in the case of drugs, and also that a system with provisions for opting out (allowing citizens to substitute private insurance for the public plan) should be given serious consideration. (See Details)
Published: 2001
Access to care, access to justice: the legal debate over private health insurance in Canada
Explores the role that courts may begin to play in health care and how this new role is of crucial importance to the Canadian public and their governments.
Published: 2005
The radical orthodoxy of naturopathic medicine

In this article a medical anthropologist proposes naturopathy as an alternative to the invasive system of drugs and surgery. Describes naturopathy; principles and practice. 

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Published: 1983
Failure of free enterprise: private dental practice

This article takes a look at private dental practice. Political, practical and emotional aspects. 

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Published: 1984
Healthcare in crisis

This article discusses how the North American Free Trade Agreement will affect Canadian healthcare and social programs. Explains NAFTA. Explores how to reform health care in Canada.  


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Published: 1993