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Dangerous prescriptions? Benzodiazepine use among Aboriginal senior women

Discusses the health consequences caused by over-prescription of benzodiazepines to older Aboriginal women.

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Published: 2006
Interviewing Inuit elders: perspectives on traditional health

Examines traditional Inuit health practices and beliefs as remembered by both North and South Baffin elders: from treatments for fractures to methods of diagnosis and attitudes toward the injured or ill. PDF to read

Published: 2001
Interviewing Inuit elders: childrearing practices

Addresses traditional childrearing practices as experienced by two elders from the South Baffin Island region: Naqi Ekho and Uqsuralik Ottokie.

Published: 2000
Reaching out: a guide to communicating with Aboriginal seniors

Presents information for use by federal employees and officials of other governments and organizations that have dealings with Aboriginal people. Suggests ways to package and deliver information to improve the chances it will reach Aboriginal seniors and be understood. Appendices include: Using the Right Terms, Some Helpful Resources, National Aboriginal Organizations and Media, and Charts on the information needs of Aboriginal seniors and the information gathering patterns of Aboriginal seniors and other community members.

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Published: 1998
Don't say marmalade when you mean jam: HIV/AIDS information for Aboriginal elders
Describes the history and the production of "Marmalade or Jam - A recipe for understanding AIDS," a booklet created to inform and educate elders on HIV/AIDS questions and issues. (See Details)
Published: 1999
Ageing, discrimination and older women's human rights: from the perspectives of CEDAW convention

Population ageing is a global phenomenon due to improvements in basic health care and living standards as well as declines in fertility rates and rising longevity. Both men and women face discrimination due to old age, but women experience ageing differently. Gender relations structure the entire life cycle, from birth to old age, influencing access to resources and opportunities and shaping life choices at every stage. Good health, economic security and adequate housing are essential requirements of ageing with dignity, but older women in both developed and developing countries face difficulties in accessing these on a basis of equality with men.

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No growing pains

This article demonstrates how proper movement and handy tools can make gardening easier for people with different abilities. Tips on how to garden, what to grow, how to avoid injury. 


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Published: 1987