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The caring game

Presents a workshop kit designed to enhance sensitivity and understanding of caring as it relates to those receiving in-home long-term care. Uses an engaging board game format to give people a unique understanding of caring, and a view of life that often remains hidden behind closed doors. Addresses various disabilities, issues of diversity, and elder abuse. Includes a step-by-step manual for facilitators, which will ensure successful in-house training for years to come.

Published: 2001
The changing face of long-term care

Looks at the principles and practices that underpin the operations of the best long-term care facilities and makes recommendations on choosing a long-term care establishment.

Published: 2005
Ethical choices in long-term care: what does justice require?

Examines how best to structure the ethical framework within which equitable, fair, rational, and transparent decisions about long-term care can be made. Elaborates on such issues as gender, bias, discrimination, scarcity, productivity, the role of the family, and institutional care, to name a few.

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Published: 2002
Long-term care homes legislation : Lessons from Ontario

Looks at why gender matters when discussing long-term care homes using the Ontario Legislature's 2007 Long-term Care Homes Act as an example.

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Published: Fall/Winter 2007
A place to call home

Envisions alternative forms of long-term, residential care that account for the fact that the overwhelming majority of both residents and providers are women.

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Published: 2009