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Early menopause guidebook

Provides information for women reaching menopause earlier than the typical age, either spontaneously or through medical means.

Published: 2003
Reproductive questions and answers for cancer survivors: a guide for teens

Talks about hormones and ovaries, premature ovarie failure, fertility and pregnancy, fertility treatments, other fertility issues, and sexual relationships after cancer. Avaliable in html and pdf.

Published: 1999-2004
Sudden menopause: restoring health and emotional well-being
Presents a guide to the experience of sudden menopause. Explains both the symptoms of sudden menopause and the various treatment options from herb to hormones.
Published: 2001
Premature ovarian failure: a guide for teens
Explains what premature ovarian is, how it's diagnosed, how it's treated, and what fertility treatment options are open to women with premature ovarian failure. (See Details)
Published: 1999-2004
Cool news for hot flashers

This article discusses the clinical research and personal experience that informs  about hot flashes. Normalizes the experience of hot flashes. Encourages further research and understanding. 

 (See Details)
Published: 1986