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What do we mean by "trauma-informed"? (webinar);jsessionid=VLvpNC5L2C7dKcCt0Tl1TB5vMSFh5ZLq2LvQcBLmNykCq8s6XTt2!-1734137231?theAction=poprecord&actname=/eventcenter/frame/

Features a discussion between six researchers and/or service providers across Canada and the U.S. who work with women in the areas of mental health, substance use and trauma/violence. Following the initial presentations, participants asked questions and heard these questions discussed in a real-time, round-table format.

This webinar is part of the larger project "Assisting Women with Mental Health, Substance Use and Trauma-Related Concerns with Trauma-Informed Approaches" and follows an earlier webinar featuring Dr. Vivian Brown and Dr. Laurie Drabble.

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Published: 2010