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The V book: a doctor's guide to complete vulvovaginal health
Offers a guide on vulvovaginal matters, including specific illnesses and their treatments.
Published: 2002
The V zone: a woman's guide to intimate health care
Provides information on vaginal and vulvar health, as well as common gynaecological conditions, such as vaginitis, yeast infections, painful sex, STIs, vulvodynia, and urinary tract infections.
Published: 2001
Vulvagraphics 2009 final report

A report of the New View Campaign advocating against the medicalization of women’s bodies through “genital cosmetic surgery” and discussing how women’s appreciation of their bodies and sexual organs is manipulated by franchise-oriented surgeons and sensational media.

Website also includes a 5-minute video of the New View Campaign’s October 2009 VULVAGRAPHICS: AN INTERVENTION IN HONOR OF FEMALE GENITAL DIVERSITY.

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Published: 2009