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The changing face of long-term care

Looks at the principles and practices that underpin the operations of the best long-term care facilities and makes recommendations on choosing a long-term care establishment.

Published: 2005
Ethical choices in long-term care: what does justice require?

Examines how best to structure the ethical framework within which equitable, fair, rational, and transparent decisions about long-term care can be made. Elaborates on such issues as gender, bias, discrimination, scarcity, productivity, the role of the family, and institutional care, to name a few.

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Published: 2002
Home care: what we have, what we need
Looks into the way that tension has influenced federal and provincial policies that determine how and whether home care is delivered in every part of the country. (See Details)
Published: 2001
Long-term care homes legislation : Lessons from Ontario

Looks at why gender matters when discussing long-term care homes using the Ontario Legislature's 2007 Long-term Care Homes Act as an example.

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Published: Fall/Winter 2007
A place to call home

Envisions alternative forms of long-term, residential care that account for the fact that the overwhelming majority of both residents and providers are women.

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Published: 2009