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Ontario women's health status fact sheet

Presents a compilation of current information on the health and determinants of health of Ontario women. Includes information on demographics, morbidity indicators, reproductive health, health behaviours, and sub-populations.

Published: 2002
Environmental, policy, and cultural factors related to physical activity in a diverse sample of women: the Women's Cardiovascula
Discusses the environmental, policy, and cultural factors that affect the tendency of women ages 20-50 to undertake physical activities.
Published: 2002
Changing diets, changing minds: how food affects mental health and behaviour
Reviews the research that appears to demonstrate a link between diet and mental health, and to place that evidence in the context of a changing food system. (See Details)
Published: 2005
Perspectives on the epidemic: women and teenage girls at risk for HIV: insignts from focus groups
Presents the results of six focus groups with women and teenage girls who are at higher risk for HIV, to learn about their attitudes, knowledge, and behaviour about HIV. (See Details)
Published: 2003