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Responses to anti-abortion arguments about funding and health issues

Suggests responses for anti-abortion arguments about funding and health issues, including the so-called "post abortion syndrome," low birth rates, danger of the procedure, and its link with breast cancer.

Responses to anti-abortion arguments about the need for abortions

Suggests responses for anti-abortion arguments about the need and reasons for abortions.

Why anti-abortion groups should not have charitable tax status
Details ten reasons why anti-abortion groups and organisations should not benefit from having charitable tax status. (See Details)
Crisis pregnancy centers: an affront to choice
Seeks to educate individuals about deceptive "crisis pregnancy" facilities and empower women to make fully informed decisions about their reproductive health care. (See Details)
Published: 2006
No new law!

This article outlines the spectrum of reactions to the supreme court decision on abortion. The author indicates abortion as a catalyst for raising other women's health issues. 


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Published: 1988
A survey of anti-choice protesting activity at Canadian abortion clinics

Survey reveals that 64% of abortion clinics in Canada clinics currently experience protest activity, while a further 15% have had protesters in the past. Finds that 73% of clinics have no legal protection from picketing.

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Published: 2010
Ultrasound: the first wave

This article shares the story of ultra sound technology and how it became a routine part of prenatal care. Provides information about what exactly ultra sound is and who benefits from this marketed technology. Explores social, ethical and legal issues. 

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Published: 1985
Whose womb Is It, anyway?

This article covers the Baby R controversy, the story of how the B.C Family and Child Services Act had been successfully used to seize a fetus and thereby force a woman into unwanted surgery.  Explains how this case set a dangerous precedent for all pregnant women. 

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Published: 1988