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Integrative approaches to qualitative and quantitative evidence

Provides a review of the literature on integrating qualitative and quantitative forms of evidence. Discusses the role of qualitative approaches in traditional trials and experimental studies. Also discusses at what point in the development of a field of knowledge it is appropriate to pull qualitative and quantitative learning together. Addresses the question of how to determine what constitutes good evidence from qualitative studies.

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Published: 2004
Network: qualitative research
Focuses on the use of qualitative research to improve reproductive health. Highlighted in this issue are selected research initiatives that illustrate how this qualitative approach is expanding our insight into numerous reproductive health areas. (See Details)
Published: 2002
Beyond the numbers: reviewing maternal deaths and complications to make pregnancy safer
Presents strategies and approaches to review not only the levels of maternal mortality, but also to examine why it happens and what can be done to prevent them from happening. (See Details)
Published: 2004
Aboriginal adolescent girls and smoking: a qualitative study

Describes a qualitative study on smoking and Aboriginal adolescent girls (ages 13 to 19) conducted in 2007-08 in partnership with six Aboriginal communities in British Columbia and researchers affiliated with the British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health and the University of British Columbia. Discusses how age, gender, culture, and context intersect to shape Aboriginal girls’ experiences of smoking.

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Published: 2009
Through women’s eyes: the case for a feminist epidemiology

This article calls for a woman-centered approach within medical research. Identifies why a feminist epidemiology is necessary. Defines feminist epidemiology. 

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Published: 1988
Behind the headlines: the physical and emotional costs of in vitro fertilization

This article is an attempt to present the reality of in vitro fertilization as it was experienced by 20 Canadian women.  Discusses the controversial success rates of IVF. Lists the details of what to expect in an IVF procedure. 


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Published: 1989