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20 common problems in women's health care
Looks at the twenty conditions that most often prompt women to seek health care. Provides relevant pathophysiology, patient evaluation procedures, diagnostics, and treatment.
Published: 2000
PMS, perimenopause, and you: a guide to the emotional, mental, and physical patterns of a woman's life
Provides information on PMS and perimenopause, including various treatment options. Stresses the value of a holistic approach and healthy living.
Published: 2000
Black cohosh: Actaea racemosa, Cimicfuga racemosa
Provides basic information about the herb black cohosh, including common names, uses, potential side effects, and resources for more information. (See Details)
Published: 2005
Genital mutilation of african women

This article examines female circumcision; questions why this custom persists and how the west became involved. 


 (See Details)
Published: 1983