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Aboriginal Two-Spirit and LGBTQ Migration

A qualitative, community-based research project that explores the trajectories of migration of Aboriginal people who identify as Two-Spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and/or queer (LGBTQ) and the impact of mobility on health and wellness.

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Published: November 2010
Health status and health services use of female and male prisoners in provincial jail

Examines and compares the health status and health service utilization of women and men in a provincial correctional jail in Atlantic Canada. Finds that prisoners experienced a number of physical and mental health issues and a large proportion used health services during incarceration. The quality and accessibility of health services played a significant role in how participants viewed health care in jail. Sex and gender are shown to influence the health status and use of health services among provincial prisoners. Females report more heath issues and poorer overall health, as well as more difficulties accessing health services during incarceration than male prisoners. Race also plays a role in health status and health service utilization. Aboriginal prisoners rate their overall physical and mental health poorer than non-Aboriginals. They also report a greater need for health services, but use them less than non-Aboriginal prisoners.

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Published: 2011
Fetal alcohol syndrome & fetal alcohol spectrum disorder among Aboriginal Canadians: knowledge gaps

Identifies knowledge gaps in FAS/FASD research from a life course perspective that can help prioritize future research and improve understanding of how to address FAS/FASD in Aboriginal communities.

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Published: 2010