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Health Canada's sex and gender-based analysis policy

Provides an introduction to the concept of gender-based analysis (GBA). Looks at the issue of gender equality in health and explains why Health Canada is adopting GBA.

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Published: 2000
Women, gender and mental health : Moving out of the shadows

Discusses the Canadian Women's Health Network's national workshop on women, gender and mental health held in Ottawa in October 2007. The workshop brought together researchers, communitty-based services providers and educators, non-governmental organizations and policy makers interested and active in gender-based and women's mental health issues to explore the mandate of the newly formed Mental Health Commission of Canada, and to establish strategies for ensuring women are not left out of the picture.

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Published: Fall/Winter 2007
A summary of the 'So What?' report: a look at whether intergrating a gender focus into programs makes a difference to outcomes

Argues that taking a gender-based approach to policy and programming has a positive effect on health, particularly on reproductive health outcomes. Evaluates some of the programmes that use such an approach.

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Published: July, 2005
Women, gender and disaster: what’s the connection? Webinar

An hour-long webinar with disaster sociologist Dr. Elaine Enarson discussing how women and men experience and respond to disasters differently.

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Published: 2010
Visual methods in gender and health research (webinar)

Provides an introduction to how participant-driven visual methods (e.g., photography, video) can be used in gender and health research. Drawing on examples from past research projects the session explores how visual methods enable us to “see” or surface gender in qualitative data. Particular attention is given to the use of visual findings to explore social theories of gender, embodiment, addiction and illness.

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Published: 2011
Mind the (gender) gap…in Canada’s new mental health framework

The Canadian Wiomens Health Network's response to the Mental Health Commission of Canada's (MHCC) first draft framework of a Canadian mental health strategy (released in January 2009). 

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Published: 2009
Gender equity and health indicators in the context of health reforms

Discusses the significant challenges facing those evaluate health reform using a gender lens.

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Published: 2007
Gender, women and health: gender and disaster

Introduces the health issues for women in disaster and provides links to key resources.

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Published: 2009
Intersections: a newsletter of the Institute of Gender and Health (Fall/Winter 2011)

In this issue:

• The Forgotten Sex in Sexual Pain
• At the Crossroads: Healthcare Experiences of Women with Female Genital Cutting
• Married to the Pill: Negotiating a Fifty-Year Relationship
• Who Really Gets Chlamydia?
• Message from the Scientific Director
• KT Monitor | An international symposium speak the unspoken about boys' body image.
• IGH Cochrane Corner | A look at key challenges in sensitizing systematic reviews to sex and gender.
News Briefs
• Trainee Spotlight | 4 questions for Lyndsay Hayhurst

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Published: Fall/Winter, 2011
Women and water

Outlines the research being done by the National Network on Environments and Women's Health (NNEWH) on women's relationship to our most essential resource.  The author looks at the NNEWH's website , a research initiative on women and water in Canada exploring Canadian water issues and the implications for women's health.

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Published: Fall/Winter 2009/2010