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Reflections on Depo Provera: Contributions to Improving Drug Regulation in Canada

Examines the ongoing story of Depo Provera, including: its regulatory history; how it has been and continues to be used, and; what is known about its safety profile.

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Published: October 2007
Long-acting and permanent methods: addressing unmet need for family planning in Africa

A set of eight advocacy briefs on the benefits of long-acting and permanent methods (LAPMs) of contraception and the rationale for introducing or revitalizing them within national reproductive health and family planning programs. Intends to inform policy-makers, program managers, and donors committed to evidence-based policies and programs that respond to people's changing reproductive needs. Seeks also to provide diverse stakeholders with ideas on how to improve and expand LAPM provision within their communities.

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Published: 2007
Unsafe by any name

This article discusses how the marketing of controversial drugs in developing countries demonstrates the power and priorities of the pharmaceutical industry. Example highlighted: Estrogen-Progesterone combination drugs. 

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Published: 1986