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Legal assault: a feminist analysis of the law reform commission's report on abortion legislation

This article discusses the devastating consequences of the Law Reform Commission's proposal on abortion. Suggests a feminist approach to women's health. 

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Published: 1989
The politics of breast cancer

This article offers an in-depth look at breast cancer statistics and an analysis of the current struggle against it. Shares information about breast cancer research, available resources, fighting misconceptions and ongoing activism.  



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Published: 1992
In our own words

This article profiles several feminist organizations and programs. Highlights organizations working to support the elderly, immigrant women, women and mental health,  gay and lesbian communities, francophone women, women working as prostitutes, women with addictions, etc. 

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Published: 1993
In our own words - woman abuse: a national crisis, a national responsibility

This article profiles groups and organizations throughout Ontario who are working to eliminate woman abuse, reduce workplace and environmental health hazards and improve the health of women. 


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Published: 1993
A case for lay abortion: learning from midwifery

This article examines the history of lay abortion. Seeks to close the gap between the pro-choice and midwifery movements. 

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Published: 1983
More than sexist ...

This article discusses the use of sex selection and other reproductive technologies. Centres issues of race and class. 

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Published: 1991
Fertile ground, health harvest: a decade of prairie women's health centre of excellence

This report is a 10 year retrospective of the work of the Prairie Women's Health Centre of Excellence.  Fertile Ground, Healthy Harvest builds on the 5 year retrospective, Seeds of Change, celebrating successes and accomplishments and outlining plans for the years ahead.

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Published: November 2007
Why we need a canadian women's health network

This article highlights reasons why a Canadian Women's Health Network is necessary. Outlines the importance of maintaining a united pro choice feminist voice on women on health issues. 

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Published: 1982
Working with violence

In the following article, three women who work at an emergency shelter for women are asked to talk about the impact of their work. 



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Published: 1984
The birth of a network

This article describes the making of Canada's Women's Health Network. Shares components, objectives and questions to consider. Lists provincial network contacts. 

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Published: 1987