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“Recipes for hunger: Saskatchewan women speak about food insecurity”, a webinar for organizations across Canada

Explores in a webinar format how policies & initiatives aimed to address food security (right to food) influence women’s health in urban, rural and remote locations in Saskatchewan. Reports on research by Prairie Women’s Health Centre of Excellence researcher Yvonne Hanson, entitled “Gender Lens on Food Insecurity: Comparative Case Studies on Women’s Health in Urban, Rural and Remote Locations in Saskatchewan”. (54 minutes)

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Published: February 2011
There is a public health crisis – it’s not fat on the body but fat in the mind and the fat of profits

The author of Fat is a Feminist Issue argues that the way obesity is being framed as a crisis or an epidemic is stigmatizing overweight people and adding dangerously to disordered eating, which is itself a serious public health emergency.

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Published: February 2006