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Chemical exposure and plastics production: issues for women's health

A literature review of chemical exposure and plastics production as it relates to women's health.

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Published: 2011
Injury and injury prevention: women in work related to mining

Report of a project that involved interviews with seventeen women occupying a variety of positions in the mining sector within rural, remote and northern settings in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Yukon, and the Northwest Territories. Includes findings related to safety training, injury prevention, occupational injuries, and other work-related stressors and concludes with a number of recommendations that surfaced throughout the discussions with the women.

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Published: 2012
Double exposure the fight against reproductive hazards in the workplace

This article discusses exclusionary practices by industries; how often women have been excluded from jobs traditionally worked by men that may involve occupational hazards to reproduction; Discusses risks for men; Calls for improvement of work environment rather than discrimination of workers; Includes excerpt from “Workplace Hazards to Reproduction” Jennifer Penney, Health November 1978.

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Published: 1980
If the chair fits, sit on it

This article discusses workplace furniture and our bodies. Provides a checklist to determine whether the chair you sit on at work is good for your well being. Recommends what to do about it.

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Published: 1981
Very damning testimony

This article discusses the influx of Video Display Terminals in workplaces. Explains VDTs and how they are harmful for clerical workers. Introduces strategies for change. 

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Published: 1982
The politics of artificial light

 This article addresses our increased dependency on artificial light, specifically fluorescent light. Describes how this increased dependency came to be. identifies how this change in our environment has impacted our bodies and biological rhythms. Explains how artificial light differs from the sun. 

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Published: 1982