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Prenatal origins of cancer

Summarizes the scientific research on the relationship between exposure to endocrine disruptors prior to birth and cancer, either in childhood or later life.  Exposures occur in one or both parents prior to conception, or to the mother during pregnancy.  Information is presented in summary form, in graphs, tables and additional analyses. 

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Published: 2007
Human fertility under attack: from research to action on phthalates and endocrine disruptors

A video of an address by Dr. Shanna Swan to the Assemblée Nationale colloquium on endocrine disruptors, focussing on phtalates and fertility.

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Published: April 10, 2012
Film review - Programmed to be Fat

Review of the film Programmed to be Fat, directed by Bruce Mohun, written by Bruce Mohun and Helen Slinger, and produced by Sue Ridout, Helen Slinger and Sara Darling for Dreamfilm Productions in association with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.This documentary examines emerging evidence that chemicals in our environment infiltrate pregnant women’s bodies and “program” their babies to be fat or obese as adults. The film aired on CBC Television’s The Nature of Things on January 12, 2012.

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Published: August 2012
NNEWH Plastics workshop (video series)

Fourteen videos documenting a workshop hosted by NNEWH in partnership with the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) in January 2012 in Windsor, Ontario. The workshop dealt with recent studies on the emerging health concerns for women workers in the auto sector, specifically plastics manufacturing and the possible elevated incidence of breast cancer and reproductive problems in women plastics workers. 

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Published: 2012
Chemical exposure and plastics production: issues for women's health

A literature review of chemical exposure and plastics production as it relates to women's health.

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Published: 2011
Hazardous substances: plastics

Factsheet detailing the various plastics that workers may come in contact with in the auto industry, and how contact with these plastics may affect their health.

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Published: 2011
Breast cancer risk in relation to occupations with exposure to carcinogens and endocrine disruptors: A Canadian case control study

Reports on a study seeking to contribute to a better understanding of cancer causation, particularly for work-related breast cancer. Found a statistically significant association of breast cancer risk with work in jobs classified as highly-exposed; 10 years of work in such jobs was estimated to increase breast cancer risk by 42 percent. For many specific sectors, with small numbers of women workers, there were too few people to show significant results, but for work in agriculture, metal-related manufacturing, automotive plastics, food canning operations, bars and casino work, statistically significant excesses were observed.

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Published: November 19, 2012
Endocrine disruption

Discusses how women, who are still the primary caregivers, are more exposed to common endocrine disrupting chemicals such as household cleaning products, than are men, and this exposes them to health risks.

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Our stolen future

Website that explores the emerging science of endocrine disruption, or how some synthetic chemicals interfere with the ways that hormones work in humans and wildlife. Based on The book Our Stolen Future on endocrine disruption and the common contaminants can interfere with the natural signals controlling development of the fetus.

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Diabetes-obesity spectrum

Examines obesity’s relationship to diabetes, and possible relationships being explored between synthetic chemicals and diabetes, obesity, insulin resistance, or metabolic syndrome.

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