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Discusses some of the issues regarding housing and care that women face throughout their life spans. Argues for a "solidarity centred mode of life” when considering housing arrangements. Explores how housing arrangements can become "communities of care" that encourage and support (radical) INTERdependence as a way many women— especially older women—may want to live their lives.

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Published: 2013
Looking my age

Discusses how women in our culture are increasingly pressured to remove signs of aging (e.g. laser surgery to remove wrinkles).

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Published: 2012
Rachel’s story: an excerpt from silver threads

This story shares one woman's experience of growing old. Describes and analyses the economic, political, social and physical forces that affect all of us as we grow older. 

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Published: 1987
Through a healthy lens

In this article film-maker Laura Alper talks with interviewer Sue Kaiser about the challenges and changes she experiences while making her first women's health film. Laura Alper co-directed the film "Is it hot in here?" a film about women's experience of menopause.

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Published: 1987
Integrating poverty and gender into health programmes: a sourcebook for health professionals (module on ageing)

Intended for health professionals, this sourcebook also serves as a good primer for others seeking to understand the complex links between poverty, gender and aging.

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Published: 2006
Ageways 75: focus on older women

Discusses the poor health and other impacts of discrimination on older women in the developing world, while highlighting their abilities and contributions; for example, their caregiving for family members with AIDS and for their orphaned children.

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Published: July 2010
POWER study: older women's health

Reports that women comprise the majority of the older population and have different patterns of illness and health needs than men. Older women tend to have a greater burden of illness including multiple chronic conditions, more functional limitations, and a higher prevalence of disability then older men. It finds that the needs of older adults “disproportionately impacts women” and that there is a mismatch between the way health and supportive care services are organized, and that they are not serving the needs of older women.

The POWER Study is producing a Women's Health Report to serve as an evidence-based tool for policy makers, providers, and consumers in their efforts to improve health and reduce health inequities among Ontario women.

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Published: 2011
Book Review - I Feel Great About My Hands

Review of the book I Feel Great About My Hands: And Other Unexpected Joys of Aging by Shari Graydon, Douglas & McIntyre Press, 2011. 

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Published: August 2012