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A primary care approach to treating women without homes: medical illnesses of homeless women

Describes numerous types of chronic conditions that homeless women are likely to suffer and best approaches to their primary care.

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Published: 2001
Victimization and special challenges of women living on or near the streets of Toronto

Describes how most women living on or near the streets have been victims of domestic, physical or sexual abuse at home, only to experience more victimization when they seek refuge at shelters or on the streets.

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Published: 2008
“A story I never heard before”: Aboriginal young women, homelessness, and restoring connections

Explores the stories of the nine homeless Aboriginal girls, placing their stories in context of colonialism in Canada and the destructive legacy of residential schools.

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Published: Winter 2008
Health care for homeless women: unmet needs and barriers to care

Discusses the significant unmet need for medical care among homeless women. Argues that homeless women must be educated regarding sources of care, and clinics serving the homeless must decrease waiting times.

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Published: 2003
Trans-Canada homelessness highway: a women's route map

Map of Canada that provides detailed information about the “routes” to women's homelessness, including federal, provincial and territorial policies that contribute to homelessness, and the policy changes that are needed to ensure women have access to housing that is adequate, affordable, safe and secure.

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Published: 2008
Aboriginal women’s initiative: women’s wellness journey manual

A manual for agencies, groups, or individuals interested in hosting a Women‘s Wellness Journey for Aboriginal women. Developed in consultation with Aboriginal women and using the seven Grandfather teachings, the Journey addresses the specific needs of Aboriginal women who are homeless and experiencing other challenges, such as mental health issues and addictions.

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Published: 2011