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Trans-Canada homelessness highway: a women's route map

Map of Canada that provides detailed information about the “routes” to women's homelessness, including federal, provincial and territorial policies that contribute to homelessness, and the policy changes that are needed to ensure women have access to housing that is adequate, affordable, safe and secure.

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Published: 2008
Coming together: homeless women, housing and social support

An arts-based community research project exploring how women and transwomen who are marginally housed build support networks with each other in order to survive.

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Published: 2007
Aboriginal women’s guide to housing & shelters in Winnipeg

A practical guide for Aboriginal women seeking housing resources in Winnipeg.

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Published: 2007

Discusses some of the issues regarding housing and care that women face throughout their life spans. Argues for a "solidarity centred mode of life” when considering housing arrangements. Explores how housing arrangements can become "communities of care" that encourage and support (radical) INTERdependence as a way many women— especially older women—may want to live their lives.

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Published: 2013
There was an old woman ...

This article explores the housing needs of seniors, who are predominantly women, and illustrates some new and traditional housing options designed specifically for seniors.  Introduces the term Granny Flat. 

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Published: 1986
Profiles: pei healing centre for survivors

This article profiles a healing centre for adult survivors of child sexual abuse in PEI. Explores reasons why a healing centre and where they gathered resources to make this dream come true.  

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Published: 1992
Supportive housing needs of women with mental health issues

Examines the supportive housing needs of women with mental health issues who do not easily fit into many of the existing programs.

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Published: 2000