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What do we mean by "trauma-informed"? (webinar);jsessionid=VLvpNC5L2C7dKcCt0Tl1TB5vMSFh5ZLq2LvQcBLmNykCq8s6XTt2!-1734137231?theAction=poprecord&actname=/eventcenter/frame/

Features a discussion between six researchers and/or service providers across Canada and the U.S. who work with women in the areas of mental health, substance use and trauma/violence. Following the initial presentations, participants asked questions and heard these questions discussed in a real-time, round-table format.

This webinar is part of the larger project "Assisting Women with Mental Health, Substance Use and Trauma-Related Concerns with Trauma-Informed Approaches" and follows an earlier webinar featuring Dr. Vivian Brown and Dr. Laurie Drabble.

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Published: 2010
Breast cancer risk in relation to occupations with exposure to carcinogens and endocrine disruptors: A Canadian case control study

Reports on a study seeking to contribute to a better understanding of cancer causation, particularly for work-related breast cancer. Found a statistically significant association of breast cancer risk with work in jobs classified as highly-exposed; 10 years of work in such jobs was estimated to increase breast cancer risk by 42 percent. For many specific sectors, with small numbers of women workers, there were too few people to show significant results, but for work in agriculture, metal-related manufacturing, automotive plastics, food canning operations, bars and casino work, statistically significant excesses were observed.

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Published: November 19, 2012
The Cancer-Smart Guide to Breast Cancer Prevention

A free 24-page downloadable guide to peer-reviewed research on breast cancer prevention.

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Published: 2011