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Focus on gender: national survey of Canadians' use of alcohol and other drugs - Canadian addiction survey

A follow-up report from the Canadian Addiction Survey (2004) that presents an analysis of alcohol and illicit drug use with respect to gender.

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Published: 2008
Expert panel report on women & alcohol: Alcohol treatment services for Ontario women

Report on the The Expert Panel on Women and Alcohol that worked to identify the current supports available to Ontario women, current best practices, and key recommendations regarding treatment services for women with problematic alcohol use. Delivers four key messages:  Young women are drinking at progressively higher levels and are at increased risk for experiencing alcohol-related problems; Ontario has effective gender-sensitive treatment services, but services are not available to women in all regions of the province; stigma is a major barrier for women needing treatment for alcohol misuse and interferes with women seeking help; and better guidance and training for primary care should be a focus for immediate improvement.

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Published: 2011
Likhaan and the struggle for reproductive rights in the Philippines

Discusses the history, philosophy and operations of Likhaan, one of the Philippine’s leading women’s health organizations. Likhaan works in three basic areas: delivery of primary healthcare through clinics for women by trained community health workers, support for grassroots organizing with women and youth groups, and research-based advocacy on national issues.

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Published: 2012