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Artwork for Maternal Health and Well-Being Conference

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We are seeking artwork for the two following projects please: your response is appreciated asap...

1) We're looking for a thematic image for our Maternal Health and Well-Being conference Oct 18-20 (to appear on conference bags, program and posters) If you have done artwork in this area and would like to submit your image for consideration, please email with the images asap (*we can pay a small honorarium for the image and you will receive copies of the conference bags, posters, and program as well OR we can send complimentary copies of Demeter Press books and ARM journals of your choice valuing $200 in lieu of payment)....please send your artwork asap to

2) We are seeking artwork to use for a Demeter Press book cover for our Fall 07 publication, Mothering in the Third Wave edited by Amber E. Kinser. Ideally, we are hoping for an image that incorporates the following ideas: modern abstract images of women of all kinds, and children of all ages--grown and not.  Minimal or no emphasis on babies please...Maybe all kinds of abstract woman images on the upper left quadrant (the moms), and then all kinds of abstract people of  all ages (the children, some of whom are no longer kids)...maybe these children could be situated sort of chronologically, growing up, though a crazy mixture of bodies represented.

If you have existing artwork that may suit the above description or another abstract piece along the lines of the above, please email the images to asap for consideration. OR if you're willing to do a few mock ups to suit the above image idea please send to

Communities Resisting: Working to End Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse

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Communities Resisting: Working to End Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse

The study investigates the ways that resistance to and support for work against woman abuse have changed over time. I am seeking people who do anti-violence (domestic violence/woman abuse/intimate partner violence) work to interview about: -Your perceptions of resistance to and support for your work against woman abuse -How these have changed over time -Sources of resistance to your work -Sources of support for your work -Tactics that you are seeing used toharass you or undermine your work -The impact that this is having

The possible benefits of this study include empirical documentation of your concerns and issues affecting your work that may be useful for future collaboration between agencies, seeking funding opportunities or advocacy work. This study is important because advocates and service providers have been reporting new and harmful forms of resistance to their work, and it would be helpful to understand what these are and the impact they are having.

I am seeking service providers and advocates to interview because you have firsthand knowledge of the issues that you face in the course of your everyday work against violence.

6th International Conference on Workplace Bullying

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6th International Conference on Workplace Bullying
Deadline: December 1, 2007

Sharing our Knowledge

Bullying has been a source of growing concern in contemporary organizations, and the international dimension to this conference will highlight the fact that the problem is not constrained by borders or culture. Following the highly successful conferences of Stafford (1998), Brisbane (2000), London (2002), Bergen (2004) and Dublin (2006), the 2008 conference in Montreal will seek to provide a leading edge overview of our current knowledge of bullying in the workplace.

The intersection between different research traditions, theoretical and methodological backgrounds, as well as between research and practice, are necessary conditions for the development of new ideas and theories, and we are eager to encourage such an expansion of knowledge in our conference.

We invite researchers, business and organizational representatives, labour leaders, industry representatives, lawyers, human resources, health and psychological professionals, and practitioners from all disciplines who are involved in research and/or practice on bullying at work to submit proposals for poster presentations, and papers on new research findings, prevention/intervention programs, and policies that address the problem of bullying at work. Students and junior researchers are invited to share their research as well.


Web-Site: E-mail:

Please refer all requests for additional information and all submissions to:

There's Still Time: Early Breast Cancer Study - Survey

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There's Still Time: Early Breast Cancer Study - Survey
The Canadian Breast Cancer Network

Getting the right information at the right time is important for all women with breast cancer. However, this project focuses on a specific group of women: women who have had one occurrence of non-metastatic breast cancer and who have completed at least 4 years of tamoxifen therapy. No Canadian study has looked at the perspectives of breast cancer survivors at this treatment milestone.

Read more about the survey >>>


The nature and management of fatigue research studyGlobal Perspectives on Same-Sex Sexualities: Desires, Practices, and Identities

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The nature and management of fatigue research study
The Centre for Postgraduate Nursing, at the Christchurch School of Medicine in New Zealand, is conducting a study looking at the experience of fatigue in adults with any chronic illness, including breast cancer, diabetes, depression, arthritis, heart disease. To date there has been little research exploring the similarities and differences in fatigue experienced by people across a range of chronic conditions. We have created a website where people are invited to submit a personal story or complete an online survey. The aim of our study is to add to the body of knowledge about the nature fatigue and its management. The site is anonymous and confidential; stories will not be made viewable and email addresses will not be disclosed - even to us.

For more information:


Global Perspectives on Same-Sex Sexualities: Desires, Practices, and Identities
October 1st, 2007.

Miguel Muñoz-Laboy, DrPH, Theo Sandfort, PhD, & Huso Yi, PhD, Guest Editors Terry S. Stein, M.D., Managing Editor

We are soliciting contributions to a special issue of Sexuality Research and Social Policy: Journal of National Sexuality Resource Center (SRSP). SRSP is a peer-reviewed academic journal; you can examine volume 1 (2004) of the journal for free at . The provisional title of this special issue of SRSP is Global Perspectives on Same-Sex Sexualities: Desires, Practices, and Identities. We are very excited about this special issue and hope that you are interested in contributing to it.

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