Boards that make a difference: a new design for leadership in nonprofit and public organizations

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John Carver
Jossey-Bass Publishers
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San Francisco, CA

John Carver's groundbreaking Policy Governance model has influenced the way public and nonprofit boards operate around the world. Now, as widespread experience with the model accumulates, Carver enriches his definitive exposition with updated policy samples, a new chapter on the process of policy development, and additional resources for various types of boards. Carver debunks the entrenched beliefs about board roles and functions that hamper dedicated board members. With creative insight and commonsense practicality, he presents a bold new approach to board job design, board-staff relationships, the chief executive role, performance monitoring, and virtually every aspect of the board-management relationship. In their stead, he offers a board model designed to produce policies that are clearly articulated, standards that are ethical and prudent, meetings, officers, and committees that work, and leadership that supports the fulfillment of long-term goals.

ISBN 0787908118