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Catching Our Breath:
A Journal About Change for Women Who Smoke

About This Journal
Culture and Tobacco
Staying on Our Path
Women's Health Clinic
Women's Health Clinic



A Journal About Change for Women Who Smoke


Booklet currently under revision and not available for sale.

prepared by
Women's Health Clinic

researched and written by
Deborah Holmberg-Schwartz

project co-ordinated by
Madeline Boscoe, Advocacy Co-ordinator
Women's Health Clinic

funded by
Health Canada: Health Promotion Directorate of Health and Welfare



What is Catching Our Breath?
Catching our Breath is an unique approach to helping women overcome some of the problems they face with their use of tobacco. Catching our Breath is for women who want to:

  • Reduce the amount they smoke
  • Quit smoking
  • Learn more about why they smoke
  • Learn ways to relax and cope without smoking

Catching our Breath inspires women to ask:

  • Why did we start smoking?
  • What purpose does smoking serve?
  • Can we learn to live happily without our cigarettes?
  • Does quitting smoking really matter?

Why Change?
The desire to change can be a powerful force. It compels us to examine our lives and raises important questions about how we would like to be.

Just as each woman has her own reasons for smoking, each — in her own time — will have her own ways of quitting and reasons for staying smoke-free.

What Catching Our Breath Offers
The Catching Our Breath approach affirms that every woman's life is precious and worth the time and effort it takes to quit smoking.

The Catching Our Breath Journal
Use of the journal encourages the development and practice of alternatives to smoking. These include: journaling, music, conscious breathing, relaxation techniques, self affirmation and reward. Being good to yourself and having fun are part of the process!

The journal can be used individually, working at one's own pace, or within a support group setting.

The Catching Our Breath Group
Using the Catching Our Breath Journal, Women's Health Clinic offers an 8 – 12 week group about smoking and change for women. If your community group or workplace is interested in having a group, please call us for further information and fee schedule.

To facilitate your own group, Women' Health Clinic can provide facilitator training. We offer a Facilitator's Guide which can be adapted to meet the needs of particular hroups and different levels of literacy in communities and workplaces.

What Women have to say about the Catching Our Breath Journal:

"Smoking has been my best friend. It hasn't been easy to change, but it's worth it!"

"Changing my thinking about smoking has been powerful. I am starting to believe I can quit."

"I can cope with my feelings now without being overwhelmed."

"When I finally quit for good it was because I stopped believing in the cigarette..Slowly I started to believe in the power of me."

"I've tried quitting lots of times....it was definitely easier this time. I'd recommend Catching Our Breath to any woman."



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