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Health Canada's
Gender-based Analysis Policy

Cat. H34-110/2000E-IN
ISBN 0-662-29303-7

The Concept of Gender-based Analysis

Health Canada is committed to the implementation of gender-based analysis throughout the department.This approach to developing policies, programs and legislation will help us secure the best possible health for the women and men and the girls and boys of Canada.

This booklet has been prepared by the Women's Health Bureau to introduce you to the concept of gender-based analysis (GBA). It looks at the issue of gender equality in health and explains why Health Canada is adopting GBA. It defines GBA and outlines some of the implications for managers and staff.

This introductory material will help branches work with the Women's Health Bureau in implementing GBA. It is supported by in-depth training sessions and a detailed "how-to" manual with modules specific to policy, program and research staff.

Women's Health Bureau
e-mail: women_femmes@hc-sc.gc.ca



Download  Health Canada's Gender-based Analysis Policy (222 KB PDF)

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