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10 Differences Between Men and Women that Make a Difference in Women's Health


  1. After consuming the same amount of alcohol, women have a higher blood alcohol content than men, even when you allow for size differences.

  2. Women who smoke are 20 to 70 percent more likely to develop lung cancer than men who smoke the same amount of cigarettes.

  3. Women tend to wake up from anesthesia more quickly than men-an average of 7 minutes for women and 11 minutes for men.

  4. Some pain medications, known as kappa-opiates, are far more effective in relieving pain in women than in men.

  5. Women are more likely than men to suffer a second heart attack within one year of their first heart attack.

  6. The same drug can cause different reactions and different side effects in women and men - even common drugs like antihistamines and antibiotics.

  7. Just as women have stronger immune systems to protect them from disease, women are more likely to get autoimmune diseases (diseases where the body attacks its own tissues) such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, scleroderma and multiple sclerosis.

  8. During unprotected intercourse with an infected partner, women are 2 times more likely than men to contract a sexually transmitted disease and 10 times more likely to contract HIV.

  9. Depression is 2-3 times more common in women than in men, in part because women's brains make less of the hormone serotonin.

  10. After menopause women lose more bone than men, which is why 80 percent of people with osteoporosis are women.

    This list is from the Society for Women's Health Research who have given us their permission to use it. Their website is www.womens-health.org.

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