Royal Commission on New Reproductive Technologies analysis of public hearings - national overview

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Royal Commission on New Reproductive Technologies
Royal Commission on New Reproductive Technologies
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Ottawa, ON

Presents an analysis of the information, data, and opinions expressed to the Royal Commission through 296 interventions during public hearings in the Fall 1990. Information received during the hearings was first summarized by intervention, then analyzed by region and by sector, and finally synthesized into main messages and issues to be pursued by the Commission. This document identifies any gaps that might exist in the Commission's Consultation, Research, Communications and Analysis strategies. It also describes how the information obtained through the Public Hearings was analyzed; compiles, by sector, the key messages delivered by intervenors during the Public Hearings; and provides a compendium of issues, suggested by the key messages, which require further information and/or analysis to fully inform the deliberations of the Commission.

NRGT.R69 1991