Highlights of the Canadian arctic contaminants assessment report : a community reference manual

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Siu-Ling Han
Kathie Adare
Minister of Public Works and Government Services Canada
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Ottawa, ON

Highlights information from the Canadian Arctic Contaminants Assessment Report, a report that summaraizes the results of research conducted by the Arctic Environmental Strategy northern Contaminant Program from 1991 to 1997.

HEAD.H36 1997
ISBN 0662629744
Review, Network Spring 2000: This report hightlights findings from the last six years of research under the Northern Contaminants Program (NCP) as summarized in the Canadian Arctic Contaminants Assessment Report. Geared towards front-line community people working on contaminants, it focuses on issues relevant to human health concerns. The report outlines what is currently known about contaminants found in food chains in the North, from how they got there to what happens when they are present.