Speeches given by Dr. Patricia Baird, Chairperson, Royal Commission on New Reproductive Technologies: February 1990 - September

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Royal Commission on New Reproductive Technologies
Patricia Baird
Royal Commission on New Reproductive Technologies
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Ottawa, ON

Documents a series of speeches by Dr. Patricia Baird, Chairperson of the Royal Commission on New Reproductive Technologies, given between February 1990 and September 1991. Address the social, political, and technological implications of new reproductive technologies.

NRGT.S64 1991
Contents: Changing social expectations and the role of physicians in the assessment of infertility treatment. -- Implications of new reproductive technologies for the care of the perinatal patient. -- Changes in society, changes in technology: a dual challenge. -- Education and new choices in using technology. -- Workplace health and safety: the 21st century. -- Examining the future: physicians of tomorrow. -- Implications of scientific innovation in the new reproductive technologies. -- New reproductive technologies: the challenges ahead. -- Speaking notes for an address to the B.C. Status of Women, Vancouver, British Columbia.