Learning about schizophrenia: rays of hope: a reference manual for families and caregivers

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Schizophrenia Society of Canada
Schizophrenia Society of Canada
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Toronto, ON

Provides a reference manual for caregivers and families of persons afflicted with schizophrenia. Discusses the symptoms, treatments, the impact on families, and living with schizophrenia.

MENH.L43 2000
Includes bibliographical references. --- Review, Network Spring 2001: A practical resource about schizophrenia for those affected by it including families, friends and caregivers. It contains general information such as causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. A chapter on multiculturalism deals with some of the obstacles people of Colour may encounter. Citing experiences of those who deal with schizophrenia makes the manual accessible and supportive. Please note: The production of this book was funded by the pharmaceutical company of Pfizer Canada Inc. Although it contains valuable information, the Canadian Women’s Health Network does not wish to promote Pfizer Canada Inc. or its products.