Women take care: gender, race, and the culture of AIDS

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Katie Hogan
Cornell University Press
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Ithaca, NY

Provides an analysis of women, AIDS, and representation (in both print and visual culture) with a specfic focus on the issue of care and the "good woman" figure.

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AIDS.H64 2001
ISBN 0801487536
Includes bibliographical references and index. --- Review, Network Spring/Summer 2002: Self-sacrificing mothers and forgiving wives, caretaking lesbians, and vigilant maternal surrogates – these "good women" are all familiar figures in the visual and print culture relating to AIDS. The author describes how texts on AIDS reproduce this historically entrenched paradigm of sacrifice and care that reinforces biases about race and sexuality. While caretaking is a fundamental human obligation, the book demonstrates how it currently falls primarily to those members of society with the least power.