Canadian youth, sexual health and HIV/AIDS study: factors influencing knowledge, attitudes and behaviours

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William Boyce
Maryanne Doherty
Christian Fortin
David MacKinnon
Council of Ministers of Education, Canada
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Toronto, ON

Provides a contemporary picture of the sexual behaviour of adolescents in Canada. Explores the socio-cultural, socio-environmental and interpersonal determinants of adolescent sexual behaviour. Demonstrates that most students report relatively rare use of harmful addictive drugs, a “happy home life,” and indicate that the school serves as an important source of sexual and HIV/AIDS information, that students' sexual health knowledge increases with grade, and that youth are familiar with condom use. Also demonstrates a drop in confidence levels related to coping skills and self-esteem, and a high prevalence of alcohol use and episodes of drunkenness. Suggests the need for a comprehensive focus on students' sexual health.

ISBN 0889871493
TEEN.B79 2003