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Seen but Not Heard: Aboriginal Women and Women of Colour in the Academy
Feminist Voices/Voix féministes No. 11
Rashmi Luther, Elizabeth Whitmore and Bernice Moreau
This issue of Feminist Voices presents the proceedings of a Symposium, held in March 1999, describing the experiences of women of colour and Aboriginal women scholars with issues of equality in the academy. It includes a summary of the editors’ research on the experiences of faculty in Canadian universities, as well as presentations of four speakers from the Symposium. 2001. Cost: $13.95 (non-members); $10.95 (members). English.

Published by:
Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women

151 Slater Street, Suite 408, Ottawa, ON K1P 5H3
Tel: (613) 563-0681  Fax: (613) 563-0682
E-mail: info@criaw-icref.ca   Web: www.criaw-icref.ca

A Guide for Health Professionals Working with Aboriginal Peoples, SOGC Policy Statement Executive Summary: The Sociocultural Context of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada
Journal SOGC, December 2000, Vol. 22, No. 12 Health Issues Affecting Aboriginal Peoples Journal SOGC, January 2001, Vol. 23, No. 1 Cross Cultural Understanding Journal SOGC, February 2001, Vol. 23, No. 2
This series of articles is addressed to health professionals who wish to understand the perspectives from which Aboriginal individuals and communities may enter the therapeutic dialogue. It aims to supply health professionals with a toolkit to use when working with Aboriginal individuals and communities. Topics include: social, historic and political contexts, relevant health issues, how to mediate cultural differences, and ideas and examples regarding the development of health resources directed by and for Aboriginal peoples. 2000/01. Cost $12.00 (back issues). English/French.

Published by:
Journal SOGC
Rogers Media

777 Bay Street, 5th Floor, Toronto, ON M5W 1A7
Tel: (416) 596-5000  Fax: (416) 596-5892

First Nations Women, Governance and the Indian Act: A Collection of Policy Research Reports
Judith F. Sayers, Kelly A. MacDonald, Jo-Anne Fiske, Melonie Newell, Evelyn George and Wendy Cornet
A collection of three policy research reports that provides a gender perspective in the public debate surrounding First Nations governance issues. It is hoped that this collection will support First Nations women and contribute to the ability of individuals and organizations to participate more effectively in the federal government’s initiative to amend the Indian Act. 2001. Cost: Free. English

Published by:
Status of Women Canada

123 Slater Street, 10th Floor, Ottawa, ON K1P 1H9
Tel: (613) 995-7835  Fax: (613) 957-3359
TTD: (613) 996-1322
E-mail: research@swc-cfc.gc.ca   Download : www.swc-cfc.gc.ca/publish/research/011129-066231140X-e.html

Gender Dimensions of Racial Discrimination
UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
The report was prepared for the International Racism Conference in Durban, South Africa. It details how intolerance, prejudice and racism are deep-rooted, complex forces, and highlights how a gender-based analysis recognizes that racial discrimination does not affect men and women equally, or in the same way. 2001. Cost: Free. English.

Published by:
United Nation Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

8-14, avenue de la Paix
1211 Geneva 10  Switzerland
Download : www.unhchr.ch/pdf/wcargender.pdf

Exposing Privatization:Women and Health Care Reform in Canada
Pat Armstrong, Carol Amaratunga, Jocelyne Bernier, Karen Grant, Ann Pederson and Kay Willson
This book exposes the many faces of health care privatization and its impact on women, as providers and patients. It also highlights the impact of health care reform on women’s participation in the decision-making process, never losing sight of the significant differences among women related to their physical, social, economic, cultural/racial locations and their age and sexual orientation. 2002. Cost: $24.95. English.

Published by:
Garamond Press

63 Mahogany Court, Aurora, ON L4G 6M8
Tel: (905) 841-1460  Fax: (905) 841-3031
E-mail: Garamond@web.ca  Web: www.garamond.ca

Telling It Like It Is: Realities of Parenting in Poverty
Kathryn L. Green and participants of "We Did It Together:" Low-Income Mothers Working Toward a Healthier Community
This book came out of a project, funded by the Prairie Women’s Health Centre of Excellence, which brought together fifteen low-income mothers in Saskatoon of preschool-aged children, who had taken part in programs like collective kitchens and parenting groups. It documents the barriers faced by low-income mothers and challenges the negative stereotypes too often associated with "welfare mothers." 2001. Cost: $7. English.

Published by:
Prairie Women’s Health Centre of Excellence

56 The Promenade, Winnipeg, MB R3B 3H9
Tel.: (204) 982-6630  Fax: (204) 982-6637
E-mail: pwhce@uwinnipeg.ca  Web: www.pwhce.ca

Femmes et santé—suivez le guide
Conseil du statut de la femme—Québec
What physiological changes do women go through throughout their lives? How important are diet and exercise for women? What diseases do they have to watch out for? This guide tries to answer these questions as well as provide information on many other subjects. 2001. Cost: $12.95. French.

To order:
Les Publications du Québec

Phone: (418) 643-5150 Toll-free: 1-800-463-2100 (in Quebec)
E-mail : service.clientele@mrci.gouv.qc.ca

A Framework for Women-centred Health
The Vancouver/Richmond Health Board
This guide is a tool to help with the planning and implementation of policies, procedures, and initiatives across the continuum of care. Its 12 interconnected elements provide strategies to improve responses to the health needs of both individual women and specific populations of women. 2001. Cost: download free. English.

To order:
Vancouver Coastal Health Authority

Phone : (604) 709-6402
Download: www.vcn.bc.ca/vrhb

Maternités lesbiennes
Nathalie Ricard
This book explores the ideas of motherhood and family among thirty lesbian mothers, looking at the family networks they form, their values and their relationships with the socio-political environment. As well, it discusses the ethical issues regarding the desire to have children and form a family, how the father fits in, reproductive technologies and international adoption. French.

Published by:
Les Éditions du remue-ménage

110 Sainte-Thérèse Street, suite 501
Montreal (QC) H2Y 1E6
Phone: (514) 876-0097  Fax: (514) 876-7951
E-mail: info@editions-remuemenage.qc.ca

Vers un monde sans sexisme : guide pédagogique de réflexion et d’action pour le personnel enseignant de l’élémentaire et du secondaire
Réseau-Femmes Colombie-Britannique
Promoting non-sexist education, this guide deals with many topics, subdivided into sections such as purpose, general or specific strategies (depending on the case), several ready-to-use or adaptable activities, and a list of print, video and Web resources so that you can learn more about a given topic. The topics discussed include language, and linguistic interactions; a math, science and technology section; physical education; career choices; the media and the Internet; and gender and sexual harassment. 2000. Cost: $16.00. French.

To order:
Réseau-Femmes Colombie-Britannique

1752 Fir Street, Prince George (CB) V2L 1E7
Phone: (250) 960-1155  Fax: (250) 960-1144
E-mail: rfcb@telus.net  Web: www.reseaufemmes.bc.ca

Hepatitis C: Everything You Need to Know
Jenny Heathcote, Colina Yim, Quynh Thai and Averell Sherker
A comprehensive and authoritative guide that explains what hepatitis C does, and how it can be prevented and treated. It discusses the medical aspects of the problem, and the practical concerns of living with the disease. 2001. Cost: $19.95. English.

Published by:
Key Porter Books

70 The Esplanade, Toronto, ON M5E 1R2
Tel: (416) 862-7777  Fax: (416) 862-2304
Web: www.keyporter.com

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