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Wise Women's Health Store Menarche and Menopause Kits celebrate natural transitions in women's lives. The menarche (start of menstruation) kit contains a handmade congratulatory card, unbleached menstrual pads, a pendant, a book on the myth and meaning of menstruation, and various herbal and natural toiletries. The menopause kit contains a Chinese fan (a low tech solution for hot flashes), Making the Estrogen Decision by Susan Lark, Remifemin (standardized Black Cohosh for most menopause discomforts) oil caps, vitamins, bioflavonoid, and aromatic milkbath.
Cost: $65.99 (menarche), $69.99 (menopause)

Wise Women's Health Store
901 Yonge Street
Toronto ON M4W 3M2
Tel: (416) 962-WISE
Fax: (416) 962-1546

Wounded Workers: The Politics of Musculoskeletal Injuries. Women often work in tiring and repetitive jobs, at workstations designed for the "average" male body, and without the protection of a union. Plus, unpaid work at home often stops women from resting their hands after the paid work is done. These are among the reasons Penney Kome uses to explain why women suffer from musculoskeletal injuries (MSI) twice as often as men. Kome looks at the hidden policy agendas that face MSI patients and their caregivers. English Only.
Cost: $19.95

Published by University of Toronto Press, September 1998.
Toll Free: 1-800-667-0892

L'Agenda des femmes 1999. An illustrated spiral-bound day timer full of texts from female artists on other women they admire. French only.
Cost: $15.45

Les Editions du remue-ménage
110, rue Sainte-Thérèse, bureau 501
Maison Parent-Roback
Montréal (QC) H2Y 1E6 Canada
Tel: (514) 876-0097
Fax: (514)876-7951

Questions and Answers About Fibromyalgia answers questions starting with "What is fibromyalgia?" and goes on to look at diagnosis, symptoms, causes, treatments, and prognosis. Unconventional, Dr. S. C. Man examines everything from the central nervous system to the "chakras" (energy centres in the human body) to inform both the pain sufferer, and the health practitioner. English Only.
Cost: $14.99

Published by Henderson Books, Winnipeg, 1998.
Distributed by Windflower Communication, Wpg.
Tel: (204) 668-7475
Toll Free: 1-800-465-6564
Fax: (204) 661-8530

Health Care on the Internet produced a journal dedicated with HIV/AIDS information in October 1998 (Volume 2, Numbers 2/3). There are plenty of web sites and resources listed that talk about women and HIV/AIDS. English only.
Cost: $38.00 (US)

The Haworth Press INC
10 Alice Street
Binghamton NY 13904-9981 USA
Tel: 1-800-429-6784
Fax: 1-800-895-0582

Statement of the International Working Group on Transparency and Accountability in Drug Regulation. Written in September 1996, before many of these issues came to head in Canada, the booklet takes a good look at international trends in drug secrecy, and gives examples of the types of information that needs to be easily accessed, such as reports on bad reactions to drugs. A quick, interesting, and informative read. French and English.
Cost: Free

Health Action International Europe
Jacob van Lennepkade 334T
1053 NJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0) 20 683 36 84
Fax: +31 (0) 20 685 50 02

Contes des mille et un seins: Guide d'exploration pour mieux vivre avec son corps et avec ses seins provides exercises and information to help women to live in harmony with their bodies, and their breasts. The booklet produced by the Centre de santé des femmes de Montréal, contains provocative questions to get readers thinking about body image and the role of breasts in their lives. Perhaps most informative of all are the pictures of several different women and their several different breasts. The photos are enough to startle anyone who has seen too many tv and movie boobs, thinking they represent what most women look like (they don't). French only.
Cost: free

Centre de santé des femmes de Montréal
1103, boul. Saint-Joseph Est
Montréal (QC) H2J 1L3 Canada
Tel: (514) 270-6110
Fax: (514) 270-6115

An Unexpected Journey: Women's Voices of Hope After Breast Cancer is an inspirational book about the healing power of illness. The book takes us through the experiences of 12 women from different backgrounds and parts of Canada who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Aniko Galambos, herself a breast cancer survivor, gives us a great resource for women with breast cancer, or anyone affected by the disease. English only.
Cost: $14.95

Published by Gynergy Books, 1998
PO Box 2023
Charlottetown, PEI
Canada C1A 7N7
Tel: 1-902-566-5750
Fax: 1-902-566-4473

Women and Health Services: An Agenda for Change explores the theories and concepts on women's health, as well as looking at these theories in practice. Edited by Lesley Doyal, the book examines schemes to put these new ideas on women and health into practice. It shows what has worked and what has not worked, pointing out what can be done to better services for women, while also showing the pitfalls and challenges to doing this. English only.
Cost: $14.99 ($30)

Published by Open University Press, UK, 1998
Celtic Court
22 Ballmoor
Buckingham MK18 1XW United Kingdom

A la vie, à la mort. Les aidantes naturelles : une réalité en nette progression. lets us into the lives of caregivers, and looks at the many challenges they face. Lack of resources, depression, isolation and guilt, all play a part in the life of a caregiver, as seen through this film. French only.
Cost: $50 (non-profit organizations) $100 (for profit organizations)

Vidéo Femmes
700, rue du Roi
Québec (QC) G1K 2X7 Canada
Tel: (418) 529-9188
Fax: (418) 648-9201