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Nine years is a long time.

Nine years of pain, frequent visits to the emergency ward, and doctors who tell you, "come back when you are pregnant", seems like a cruel and unusual punishment.

Yet, that's what women with endometriosis face: an average of nine years not knowing what's going on, other than whatever it is, it hurts.

Diagnosis, when it finally comes, unfortunately does not bring relief. Since there is no cure yet, the main thing for women diagnosed with endometriosis is controlling the pain.

Information about new ways of controlling pain that work for some women is spread across the world by various self-help groups, Internet chat-rooms, and women's health networks.

Studies are few. And when they are found, endometriosis turns out to not be part of the original focus of the study at all.

And this leads us to another topic in this issue.

When a cure is discovered, will there be an accountable organization in Canada to make sure the drugs and devices involved are safe?

The answer to that seems to be a resounding "there had better be" from two authors who take a critical look at the Health Protection Branch in its Transition.

Also inside we have plenty of other goodies to get you angry, inspired, laughing, informed and ready for action.

Rachel Thompson